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Crimson Thai
Crimson Thai

Crimson Thai

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New harvest shipping July 9th, 2018
(Previous releases: 4/11/16, 3/3/15)

This latest Crimson Thai release (harvested mid-2012) is a higher quality specimen than the previous two releases!

We procured this specimen years ago when one of our Indonesian harvesters mentioned a new area with trees having Thai genetics and a stem/vein color somewhere between red and purple.  The shipment arrived during a time filled with so much transition, so we quickly scooped out a small portion for future sampling and closed it up.  Only recently had we pulled out that crushed leaf to check it out. 

As with all other varieties, our Crimson Thai was sourced as crushed leaf and freshly milled and sifted in-house at EntheoFarm for consistency and quality control.

This raw material is sold as a botanical specimen only.