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Green Vein Thai
Green Vein Thai

Green Vein Thai

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Current GVT harvest - shipping 5-29-19
Previous releases:  1-7-19, 3-7-18, 9-21-17, 5-18-17, 10-30-15

This current release is a harvest from 2012 and scored high rating numbers.

As you are familiar with our service, it's common for us to hold onto older harvests for years before releasing them.  One of our trusted Indonesian harvesters in the past located a special grove of trees having Thai genetics and having healthy, green veins.  The current harvest offered as GVT is actually a mix of different boxes of harvests from the same shipment and same groves of trees, harvested and cured over several weeks during Spring 2012.  We often save the smaller harvests for later releases when the larger ones are sold out.  This makes for a more consistent product that doesn't sell out so quickly.  Also, we've found that older material apparently does not degrade.  With there being an industry-wide problem with low quality specimens saturating the market, small harvest mixes like GVT are gems.

Although the individual harvests were collected from the same trees at the same time, there can be slight characteristics that separate them apart.  By mixing these GVT harvests together, the result is a highly rated, consistent mix.  We accomplished a very successful Orange Vein Maeng Da product this way too!  Both our GVT and WVT stands out, in our opinion, because they are different than our other offerings, yet still worthy of EntheoFarm quality!  You won't find this GVT elsewhere.

Green Vein Thai was sourced as crushed leaf and freshly milled and
 sifted in-house at EntheoFarm for consistency and quality control.

This raw material is sold as a botanical specimen only.

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