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Merah Malay
Merah Malay

Merah Malay

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Released 11/5/18
(Previous harvest release dates: 8/25/16, 4/2/15)

Right now, Malay varieties are finally getting more attention after experiencing years of no interest.  To help Malay lovers, we've permanently dropped the price by 10% and have also added Green Malay to our menu!

In July-August 2016, our testers received this variety as Test Sample "A161".  After the ratings were submitted as requested, we tallied them up and are happy to announce that it averaged a 9 on the scoring scale!  We had several customers demand purchasing of the material before official release, so we decided to make it available right away.

Like our Crimson Thai, this variety was procured pre-2012 when one of our Indonesian harvesters discovered very old trees along the Malaysian/Indonesian border.   Merah Malay features red ("merah") veins and genetics that resemble most of the Mitragyna speciosa trees in Malaysia. 

As with all other varieties, our Merah Malay was sourced as crushed leaf and freshly milled/sifted in-house at EntheoFarm for consistency and quality control.

This raw material is sold as a botanical specimen only.