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Red Vein Thai
Red Vein Thai

Red Vein Thai

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Latest Red Vein Thai release:  shipping 2/10/20
(Previous harvests: 8/13/19, 4/10/18, 5/24/16, 9/1/15, 11/6/14, 7/2/13)

This harvest is similar to one of the better ones we've released over the decade.

Many customers will say EntheoFarm is known for high quality Red Vein Thai (RVT)!  RVT is collected from a mature group of trees growing in Indonesia (it's not actually from Thailand like many assume - it simply has the genetics of trees growing in Thailand). The natural vein color ratio of the leaves from these particular trees is often a 90% white/green and only 10% red!  RVT is a harvest of only the red-veined leaves and is one of our most popular-selling varieties.  Since RVT has been an all-time favorite among our customers, it will continue to be one of EntheoFarm's flagship varieties! 

RVT is imported as crushed leaf and freshly milled and sifted in-house at EntheoFarm for consistency and quality control.

This raw material is sold as a botanical specimen only.