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Red Vein Thai

Red Vein Thai

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Latest Red Vein Thai release:  shipping 4/10/18
(Previous harvests: 5/24/16, 9/1/15, 11/6/14, 7/2/13)

Many customers will say EntheoFarm is known for high quality RVT!  RVT is collected from a mature group of trees growing in Indonesia (it's not actually from Thailand like many assume - it simply has the genetics of trees growing in Thailand). The natural vein color ratio of the leaves from these particular trees is often a 90% white/green and only 10% red!  Red Vein Thai (RVT) is one of our most popular-selling varieties.  Since RVT has been an all-time favorite among our customers, it will continue to be one of EntheoFarm's flagship varieties! 

RVT is imported as crushed leaf and freshly milled and sifted in-house at EntheoFarm for consistency and quality control.

This raw material is sold as a botanical specimen only.