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Shipping Info

Where we ship:
At this time, EntheoFarm only ships merchandise to locations within the United States and U.S. territories, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands.  We do not ship to Canada or any other country.

Cut-off Time:
Orders placed before 3pm Central Time Monday thru Friday will be shipped the same day unless we specifically state holiday hours on our Home and Checkout pages.  By default, we are closed Saturdays and Sundays.  We will sometimes ship after cutoff and Saturdays, but let us know if you need special accommodations.  When you receive a tracking number from our shopping cart system and/or shipping system, your order is absolutely going out that same day.  Orders placed after cutoff on Friday are always shipped the following Monday unless a Postal Holiday falls on that Monday (except in the case of Saturday shipping, something we sometimes offer before postal holidays which land on a Monday).  Please take into consideration the USPS Holidays, weather conditions, and high volume shipping periods when choosing shipping methods.  

Please Read before selecting your Shipping Option!

Express Mail™ is a 1-2 day service, not a Next-Day guarantee.
We do not refund shipping costs resulting from service failures for "Expected" or "Guaranteed" delivery times as seen on USPS's Tracking page.

Most USPS Express Mail™ are received by the recipient in 1 business day, but it can take 2 business days to arrive, depending on your zip code (use the USPS Postal Calculator link below).  In some cases, we've observed Express orders usually being delivered in 1 day, but some Express orders sent to the same address arriving in 2 days.  USPS sometimes updates their delivery expectancy based on current conditions, so always refer to the Postal Calculator when you are really counting on an urgent order.  Weather conditions and holidays can greatly affect transit times, even on days immediately proceeding bad weather or a holiday.

----> Click HERE to calculate your expected delivery time for USPS:

  • For the "From" zip code field, enter 78634.  Enter your own zip code in the "To" field.
  • Select "after 4:00pm" for the "Time" field.
  • Choose any Flat Rate Priority Mail or Flat Rate Express Mail Envelope service.  You can also view First Class Package estimates here.
  • On the next page that follows, you'll be able to see when to expect your package depending on the shipping method chosen.

USPS has been mis-marketing their blatantly stated "Money Back Guarantee" for the Express Mail™.  Unfortunately, their "Guarantee" is not meant for the end-recipient (you, our customer); it is meant for the shipper (us, EntheoFarm), USPS's customer, and only when applicable.  USPS will not refund us for the cost we pay for Express Mail™ service when delivery occurs outside of their "Guaranteed" delivery time (late).  Such refund is only applicable for walk-in customers who stand in line at local Post Offices, paying the retail rate.  In order to preserve our own same-day shipping cut-off time of 3pm Central, we must utilize business-oriented shipping software systems and use daily mail drop-off via a batch shipment SCAN form which makes us ineligible for refunds.

Some service delays with Express Mail™ are caused by third-party couriers, contracted by USPS.   If we choose to waive any Signature Requirement, the courier may still exercise discretion and require your signature at the time of delivery - this is common with apartments.   This will cause you to sign for your package at the post office printed on the slip left in your mailbox.  USPS does not consider this inconvenience/delay to be a "service failure", and no money is ever refunded to us.   Be aware that USPS often changes delivery times on Fridays.  Also, it's possible that your package may arrive earlier than expected (on a Saturday even when showing a "Guaranteed" delivery for Monday).

If you want to receive your Friday-shipped package on a Monday, it might be a good idea to choose Priority Mail™ instead of Express Mail™, as it will likely arrive in the same time frame and cost you $17.50 less. Some customers may still opt for Express Mail on Fridays during holidays and weather delays, as they often receive a higher priority.

USPS Holidays

Understandably, USPS processes a high volume of mail every Monday.  Be aware that placing an order to be shipped immediately after a USPS observed holiday, from our experience, can result in transit delays due to very high volume after that holiday.

Example: You place an order on Friday after our 3pm Central cutoff time. Such an order would normally ship the following Monday.  However, Monday is MLK Day, and USPS is closed.  Your order would then be shipped the next available business day, Tuesday.  We can expect USPS will be dealing with a whole weekend of volume plus catching up with volume from Monday.  This scenario might add an extra day or more to the transit time.  We may ship your order on Saturday to help you out, but contact us to be sure.

Shipping Methods:
For regular orders, we offer USPS First Class, USPS Priority Mail™, and USPS Express Mail™, and prices are listed below.

USPS First Class Mail is FREE (on orders up to $125).  This service includes Delivery Confirmation and generally only takes 1 more day than Priority Mail.  Since we're shipping from Texas, we've noticed that many recipients even receive First Class packages just as fast as Priority!  If you live in a larger city where there's a main USPS mail sorting facility, this option is speedy.

USPS Priority Mail™ is $7.45.  We have found that the majority of our Priority Mail orders have been received by our customers in just two to three days (1-2 days within Texas), however, this is not a guarantee that you will receive your order in that time.  Depending on weather conditions or high volume periods (for example, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year's, etc) it can take up to a week or more although rare.

USPS Express Mail™ is $24.95.  Express Mail is marketed as a 1-2 day delivery service, not a Next-Day guarantee.  We do not refund/credit this service.  Delays can be caused on your courier's end.  USPS contracts 3rd party couriers, and we, as USPS's customer, waive USPS of their responsibilities when using their service.  We do not refund/credit Express Mail shipping fees in the event of a service failure because USPS does not truly guarantee the service (3rd party couriers are left with the final discretionary powers).  Ultimately, USPS does not refund us for the shipping we pay for Express Mail when a shipping delay occurs.  It is helpful to have your courier's contact information in the event of a service delay in case the problem is local.

Most Express Mail™ is received in 1 business day, but your shipping address may require 2 business days to arrive.  In some cases we've seen that an order will be delivered in 1 day, but the next order placed may arrive in 2 days.  Even if the delivery date shows a package to arrive in 1 day, it can still take 2 days.  USPS states that this is within the normal parameters of their service and they do not see this as a "service failure" (and again, no money is refunded to us as their business customer).

Many failures with Express Mail™ are made on the third party courier's end, contractors of USPS.  If we choose to waive the signature requirement, the third party courier can still require you to sign for your package at their discretion - this is common with apartments.  This can force you to sign for your package at the post office printed on the slip that the courier may leave in your mailbox instead of going up to your door to attempt delivery.  USPS does not consider this delay to be a "service failure", and no money is refunded to us anyway.

Be aware that USPS often changes delivery times on Fridays.  Also, it's possible that your package may arrive on a Saturday even if showing a delivery for Monday.  If you need your Friday-shipped package to be delivered on a Monday, choose Priority Mail™ instead of Express Mail™, as it will likely arrive in the same time frame.  You may even notice the estimated time for First Class is just as quick!  Most customers are choosing First Class now, as it has been very reliable and fast.  One of the perks of having a Texas vendor is quick shipping to anywhere in the USA!

Satisfaction guaranteed: If you are not happy with you're products received, we will work with you to help resolve any issues with your order.  If we cannot come to a resolution, we will refund you.

Express Mail that doesn't arrive by "guaranteed" delivery date is eligible for a $25 credit on your next order, given in the form of a coupon code.

For additional shipping terms and information, please read our Terms and Conditions.