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Super Green Bali Reserve
Super Green Bali Reserve

Super Green Bali Reserve

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New SGB reserve harvest: shipping 5-21-20

(previous releases: 3-3-20, 12-3-19, 9-11-19, 7-31-19, 5-30-19, 2-6-19, 9-29-17, 6-28-16, 12-16-15, 9-22-15, 12-24-15, 10-8-14, 6-23-14)

This new release is very high quality and received high ratings!

While our usual SGB harvest has always been a hit, we are always on the lookout for more varieties/grades for "Bali" lovers. As you may recall, we offered SGB Reserve (SGB-R) for a limited time around the beginning of May 2012, and the feedback was extremely positive. We also sold out of it faster than any other variety, ever. It would have been sad to see such a well-loved specimen never to return as is the case with other rare, limited discoveries. Therefore, we were committed in spending great effort in paying one of our trusted harvesters to source this grade directly. It's not often that an old favorite can be obtained again, but with the right details and geographical location information, anything is possible. We tested a particular crushed leaf sample from our harvester so we could ensure it was the quality we were familiar with; after taking a close look, we found a match! This grade of "Bali" is what we've been trying to procure for years. Finally, the patience and hard work paid off again, and SGB Reserve was officially added to our product line!

SGB-R is indeed different than the normal SGB leaf we routinely inspect and mill in-house. The veins in this de-stemmed, crushed leaf are tiny, and the leaf color is a very consistent, deep green color. This harvest features "baby" leaves and an unmistakable odor representing what we believe to be the best "Bali" grade available. Since this natural botanical specimen is pure-leaf (destemmed/deveined), the resulting powder from our milling and sifting process becomes a beautiful, finely ground texture with almost no stem fiber remaining in the the powder or our sieves. It contains less fibery components than even our regular SGB! Because the absence of this stubborn fiber presents less of a load on our mill, we are also able to grind and sift this RESERVE leaf more finely and at a lower temperature than our regular SGB. It's not too coarse, but not too fine/static either. It's just the right grind texture for easy handling!

We are still cold-milling all of our crushed leaf products. Customer feedback proved that our proprietary, cold-milling technique makes SGB-R superior to other "Bali" M. speciosa offerings.

Our SGB-R sold out very quickly in the past. If you're a "Bali" connoisseur and haven't tried the SGB-R, order this harvest before it's gone!

Super Green Bali is a product we tested a while back with our customers. The verdict was that it was the best Bali they've ever purchased! It is not often that we receive this particular grade of Bali. If you haven't ordered from us in years, you'll remember we were offering "Commercial Bali" in the past. SGB is distinguishable from our old classic, Commercial Bali in a few ways. First, the crushed leaf it is milled from (in-house) has less stem content! Next, the color is a more brilliant, bright green with a slightly yellowish hue. Comparatively, the Commercial Bali was much more tan in color, evidencing a mixture of different grades (SGB is the higher grade of that mix, and SGB-R is the highest grade) and also more stem/vein content. Finally, the profile of SGB is uniquely different enough to warrant the label "Super"! Even more super is our new SGB-R - check it out now!

Super Green Bali has been our best-selling variety in the past.

Now, compare it to SGB Reserve!

This raw material is sold as a botanical specimen only.