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Payment Info

There are 2 steps you must take for an order to be completed:

1) place order through our site (or via email, direct contact)
2) pay via Zelle, crypto, or US Postal Money Order after submitting order

New for 2018 - Pay with Zelle!

The easiest and fastest way to submit your payment to EntheoFarm and get your order shipped same day.  Only debit cards attached to a CHECKING account can be used (no pre-paid/gift cards or business debit, at least not yet, but try, as Zelle is always improving!).  Simply download the Zelle app via Google Play Store for Android or iTunes Store for Apple devices.

A bank is not required to do this, but if you'd like to know how to use Zelle thru your bank, please click here.

Using Zelle with the App on your Phone

  • Once installed, open the Zelle app and enter your phone number to get started.  You'll have to enter the verification code from the text Zelle sends.
  • Enter your email address that you want associated with your Zelle payments.  The email will have to be verified as well.  It can take a few minutes for the verification email to come in.
  • Next up is bank options, but you DON'T choose any of these.  Instead, scroll to the bottom and click "Don't see your bank?" so you can enter your debit card information on the next page.   Do this even if you see your bank listed!
  • Now you can press the SEND button and enter the email address [email protected].  In the Memo field (“What is this for?”), do not enter anything - please leave this blank.  We will already know your payment is from you since your name already appears with the funds transfer.  We will also be awaiting your payment after your order is submitted.

Once you submit an order through the website, the status will remain "Unpaid" until we confirm your Zelle payment. Then, we will change the status to "New" and begin processing your order.

Using Zelle with your bank

If your bank is a participant with Zelle Pay, you can access Zelle when you log in to your bank account via a web browser or thru your bank's app on your phone. Zelle should be located somewhere in the Transfer & Pay function of your online banking. You'll need to add a 'Recepient' in order to send funds so you may add us as follows:

  • Locate the Add Recepient function.
  • For the name enter First Name: E Last Name: F (or EE FF in case your bank won't let you Add Recipient - some banks have a 2 character minimum for each name field)
  • Send by email and use [email protected].
  • There may be an option to set your preferred name. We suggest setting this to the name on the your order submitted.

Once you submit an order through the website, the status will remain "Unpaid" until we confirm your Zelle payment. Then, we will change the status to "New" and begin processing your order.

Cryptocurrency - contact us first

We accept BitCoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Bitcoin Address:

Ethereum Address:

Litecoin Address:

If you'd like to send any other type of crypto coin, let us know, and we may accept it, but contact us first.  You should contact us anyway before sending crypto.

US Postal Money Order

We only accept US Postal Money Orders which are attained only at your local US Post Office. You can easily slip the correctly filled out PMO into an envelope and send it immediately.

Please fill out the PMO exactly as shown below:
PO BOX 245
HUTTO, TX 78634

Please SEND to the exact address as shown below:
PO BOX 245
HUTTO, TX 78634

Some very important DO NOT's to remember:

1. Please DO NOT use cursive when filling out the PMO and envelope.
2. Please DO NOT put anything in the 'Memo' field on the PMO.
3. Please DO NOT sign the back of the PMO.
4. DO NOT spell out our company name on the envelope.  Use EF.
5. DO NOT put our company name on the PMO.  Write Jon L.

Once we receive your PMO at our PO Box, your order will ship that same day or the next business day if it's the weekend. 
Your shipping label will be created and you'll receive an order invoice with the tracking number, and finally a shipment notification email with the tracking again.