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Royal Indo
Royal Indo

Royal Indo

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Very High Quality harvest! Shipping 8/11/23
(Previous harvests: 5/25/22, 2/28/22, 11/12/21, 9/9/21 ,6/25/21, 1/11/21, 4/8/20, 11/18/19, 5/8/19, 7/9/18, 5/18/18, 11/23/15, 2/17/15, 9/8/14)

This next-in-line release is still a very high quality specimen that you expect from the Royal Indo legacy. This release is clean, smooth, and the highest quality we've released in a while.

Royal Indo is harvested from mature trees of the same soil that our legendary Imperial Indo (avail upon request) was picked. What sets this variety apart from Imperial Indo is how it was discovered. In a forest densely packed with trees producing predominantly red-veined leaves, Royal Indo appears out of place having only green-veined leaves! Being such a small group of trees, these trees yield extremely small harvests. New leaves must fully mature before another harvest can be performed, making Royal Indo a rare and limited product. This product is available to us only when the harvester lets us know the trees are ready for picking - it then becomes a first-come, first serve opportunity. After a few weeks of harvesting and slow-curing, the crushed leaves are then shipped to EntheoFarm.

It is exciting to be recipient of Royal Indo, as it always arrives as a pleasantly and sweetly aromatic, de-stemmed crushed leaf, packed with lots of care. The crushed leaf is consistently a bright and vibrant green mix with a hint of yellow - it has NO bulky stem/vein material. The central vein/stem has been thoroughly stripped from the leaves, allowing the resulting hammer-milled powder to be fine in texture and dense with leaf material! We consider this Indo product to be one of the finest available!

To ensure quality and texture control, Royal Indo is milled in-house at EF!

Royal Indo is currently limited in supply because of deforestation by other harvesters!