Our mission is simple:  To provide the best products and service to our customers! We will always take great pride in our company, our commitment to customers, and in the products we sell.

We've been offering Kratom (M. speciosa) to the community since 2009, located in central Texas, a logistically perfect location for getting shipments to customers very quickly.  We process orders the same business day when placed by 3pm Central, but most of the time we go beyond that cutoff time! 

Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog and submit orders. Our shopping cart is Level 1 DSS 3.1 Certified, meaning our cart system uses the same level of security that banks and large financial institutions use for their customers. Rest assured that your customer data is safe with us. We will also never share our customer database/emails with other entities.

All botanical specimens offered by EntheoFarm are naturally and ethically harvested and cured in a manner that does not harm natural habitat! None of our specimens come from sources known for deforestation.  We have over 30 years experience in the arena of botanical specimens, including identification and cultivation, as well as over a decade of experience with soap making.  Our passion stems from our respect for the Earth and all things living.  The Greek adjective entheos translates to English as "the God within", and is the root of the English word "enthusiasm". EntheoFarm was founded on such enthusiasm for Kratom (M. Speciosa).

We are constantly on the search for interesting findings on our Earth.  We even spend our time developing relationships with knowledgeable and experienced scouts who travel into the jungles in search of new discoveries not found elsewhere.  Taking the time to do this allows us to focus on providing unique offerings rather than just relying on what subpar material the large brokers are trying to move.  It involves a lot of time and expense, but we're sure after you check out our quality, you'll be glad we put in the effort!