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Kratom Varieties

  • All Varieties All Varieties
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  • Bali Bali
    These very high quality varieties are grown and harvested in Indonesia. We offer 4 products: Super Green Bali, Super Green Bali Reserve, Super White Bali, and Red Bali
  • Maeng Da Maeng Da
    This variety is a premium, spike-tipped M. speciosa variety with a very unique profile. We currently offer 5 amazing varieties.
  • Indonesian Indonesian
    We offer many Indonesian products from the best producers available. With knowledge gained through generations of experience, they harvest during its peak season, creating a very potent end product.
  • Malaysian Malaysian
    The varieties we offer in this category are actually harvested in Indonesia along the Malaysian border. Any Malay varieties we offer will be amazing specimens!
  • Thai Thai
    "Thai" products do not actually come from Thailand. They simply have the genetics of trees growing there. Our imports are from harvesters in Indonesia. We have the highest quality Crimson Thai and Red Vein Thai!
  • Stem & Vein Stem & Vein
    Stem & Vein fiber is very scarce considering several varieties we offer are already "de-stemmed". Some fiber still exists in the leaf material, and we are able to separate it.
  • Blends Blends
    You can find our own creations under this category.