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NEW Product! 3-4-23

This is a very special and unique crushed leaf that we received from our most trusted source.  It has a leaf hardiness that reminds us of the old school commercial Bali, but the best grades!  It also has some similarities to some of the past Super Malaysian Maeng Da and Plantation Thai Maeng Da!  It has a sweet, full complex scent.  The milling process is slow and laborious, as this leaf is very rich in solids, evidenced by its stubbornness;  the milled result is always a heavy, dense semi-coarse powder, even if we try to mill it via multiple passes!  Leaf which has this deep green color, scent/essence, and denseness is always a rare prize!  As for the vein color, it's a mixed vein harvest, but it's primarily red veins.  This leaf, after sifting, yields some fluffy fiber which is the main component of our Haystack Stem & Vein product, so if you like CL#5431, you'll love Haystack (and vice-versa)!We've found that all customers really appreciate it, so we're listing it in all categories to get it out there!

This raw material is sold as a botanical specimen only.