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Divine Indo
Divine Indo

Divine Indo

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New harvest - shipping 11-15-22
(previous releases:4-22-22, 9-20-21, 9-1-20, 4-17-20, 2-4-20, 11-20-19, 9-13-19, 8-15-19, 4-9-19, 2-6-19, 7-26-18, 7-29-16, 6-10-15, 12-11-15, 6-22-15, 4-16-15, 2-13-15, 10-8-14, 6-9-14)

This latest release features mature leaves and is a mixed vein color harvest. It has a greenish essence that makes it seem more "fresh".  This one has a very pleasant scent!

Divine Indo needs no intro, as it's the absolute best-selling variety, offering a great value!  This M. speciosa variety arrived in crushed leaf form, allowing our in-house cold milling process to create a very consistent, fine material.

This raw material is sold as a botanical specimen only.