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Red Vein Indo
Red Vein Indo

Red Vein Indo

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NEW Harvest - shipping 2-2-23
(previous harvests: 10-12-22, 11-18-21, 5-10-21, 2-3-21, 7-6-20, 5-15-20,  2-3-20, 9-3-19, 5-22-19, 3-19-19, 7-23-18, 2-23-18, 11-3-17, 4-18-17, 12-17-16, 3-8-15, 1-14-15, 10-1-14)

This current Red Vein Indo is potently bold yet smooth, with some fresh green notes.  Great balance!

With all the "Red Vein" Mitragyna brokers flooding the market with massive amounts of varied quality product, it is very hard to know whether one Red Vein Indo batch is the same as another being offered, making it difficult for potential buyers to know who to trust. With many wholesale suppliers' offerings, generic "red vein" is very common.  However, there is a big difference between specimens/trees/harvesters, and not all "red vein" leaf is equal.  You rely on the vendor to only offer what is the best material!  Over the years, we've been ordering small amounts of "Red Vein" from several different brokers - it was very apparent that many of them were not concerned with quality whatsoever. The quality ranged from "dirt" to "amazing" (but mostly "dirt"), and the "Red Vein"/"Red Vein Indo" labeling has become blemished. The market is still flooded with these sources and generally poor quality specimens, and it is difficult to ensure that the quality is consistent between shipments/harvests.  You don't have to worry about going through what we did though, because we've already sorted out what's true quality!  You can be assured that our Red Vein Indo is very high quality.  Order with confidence... :)

This high quality Red Vein Indo is likely not the varied "RVI" being sold elsewhere!

This raw material is sold as a botanical specimen only.