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    Red Vein Maeng Da

    Part Number rvmdMS
    Red Vein Maeng Da
    Above image: packed teaspoon for reference.
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    New harvest - shipping 11-6-23
    (Previous releases: 2-27-23, 4-4-22, 3-4-21, 12-9-20, 7-23-20, 3-24-20, 7-30-19, 3-14-19, 7-9-18, 5-8-18, 1-17-18, 11-3-17, 2-29-17, 3-28-16, 5-7-15)

    This current harvest has an even wider profile than the previous February harvest and is more fresh with a richer essence!  If you liked the last one, you'll love this one!

    Physically, the Maeng Da leaf separates itself from other varieties with its spiked tips, jagged edges, and deep veins. This RVMD variety was received in very fresh, crushed leaf form. 

    We grind this Red Vein Maeng Da crushed leaf into a powder in-house here at EntheoFarm using our proprietary cold-milling methods, which ensures that the natural profile is unchanged! We then sift the resulting powder to create a consistent product.

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