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Super Green Bali
Super Green Bali

Super Green Bali

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NEW SGB harvest: Shipping 04/26/23
(previous releases:  11/30/22, 2/17/22, 11/16/21, 5/24/21, 3/24/21, 12/19/20, 8/20/20, 3/23/20, 23/27/29, 9/16/19, 4/11/19, 8/15/18, 3/6/18, 4/21/16, 1/6/16, 2/19/15, 10/8/14, 11/4/13)

This latest release features a wide profile with fresh and smooth essences with some bold notes.  

      Super Green Bali is a premium variety we received great feedback from customers years ago. The verdict was that it was the best Bali they've ever purchased! We are pleased to bring this variety back until supplies last. It was extremely difficult to source this particular grade of Bali, as it is one of the higher "grades" of leaf that a main source mixed with other grades to make the well-known Premium Commercial ("Bali"). It is very distinguishable from the old-school classic, Commercial Bali mix in a few ways. First, the crushed leaf it is milled from (in-house) has little stem content! Next, the color is a more brilliant, bright green with a yellowish hue. Comparatively, the Commercial Bali was much more tan in color, had hardier leaves, and the milled powder was more coarse. Finally, the profile of our SGB is uniquely different enough to warrant the label "Super".  SGB often features more mature leaves than other Bali "grades".

Super Green Bali is one of our best-selling products!