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Windmill Blend
Windmill Blend

Windmill Blend

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"Windmill" - new version 10 shipping 8-1-23

Previous releases: 2-7-22 (v9), 10-19-21 (v8), 9-4-21 (v7), 4-20-21 (v6), 10-22-20 (v5), 5-6-20 (v4), 3-14-19 (v3), 11-6-17 (v2), 10-24-15 (v1)

Version 10 features a the latest and greatest of our own favorite whites/greens, easily our best mix yet.  As new gems are included, it will continually get better!

Our popular Farmer's Blend has withstood the test of time, so we decided to do something even more interesting with mixing a bunch of different coveted harvests.  Our red-vein-only Redemption Blend has already become a major hit, and customers were inquiring about an "opposite" blend... basically, no red-veined leaf.  Here's the response to that:  Windmill!

"Windmill" is now a blend of over 50+ white- and green-veined harvests accumulated since 2011.  These harvests individually were some of the greatest finds in our history - they were either leftovers from our product line, or they are small samples of never-to-be-seen-again trees (from trusted harvesters).  What an awesome way to utilize these sitting gems!  Each component is high quality leaf, no filler.  "Windmill" celebrates the best white-veined and green-veined harvests over the last 10 years.

Looking for an equally awesome red-veined blend instead?  Be sure to check out our "Redemption" blend!

This raw material is sold as a botanical specimen only.

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